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    Review - Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI

    Dinamica Plus Espresso Machine image 17. ECAM37095TI

    The Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI is a top-of-the-line espresso machine designed for home use. This revolutionary product utilizes advanced technology to provide users with perfect espresso every time. Featuring an intuitive digital touch display, this machine allows you to customize each cup of coffee to your exact specifications. From simple espresso shots to complex cappuccinos, the ECAM37095TI has everything you need to make café quality drinks right in your own kitchen.

    This premium espresso machine features a built-in milk frother that creates velvety smooth foam for latte art or cappuccinos and lattes. The water tank can hold up to 1.8 liters of water, allowing you to make multiple cups without needing a refill. It also has an adjustable temperature setting so you can get the best results out of any type of coffee bean. 

    Design: Sleek, modern design

    If you’re looking for an easy-to-use superautomatic espresso machine that offers great design and build quality, then the Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI is worth checking out. This model from DeLonghi is equipped with top-notch features and a sleek stainless steel finish that will look great in any kitchen. It’s built with durable materials to withstand daily use and its intuitive control panel makes it simple to operate. 

    Not only does this machine have a modern look, but it also has all the necessary technology to make cafe-quality drinks at home. It comes with numerous settings like temperature control, milk frothing options, cup warming plate and preinfusion technology for maximum flavor extraction. 

    The machine itself is simple and easy to use, making it ideal for even novice baristas who want to make café-quality espresso drinks without much effort. The intuitive control panel makes it easy to choose from the various coffee settings and set up personal preferences like milk foam texture and temperature. No matter what kind of coffee drink you prefer, you can be sure that the Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI has everything you need to make your perfect cup! 

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    Dinamica Plus Espresso Machine image 02. ECAM37095TI

    Coffee Quality

    Coffee Quality is an important factor when it comes to selecting the perfect espresso machine for your home. The Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI is a high-end espresso machine that promises to provide exceptional quality coffee with its advanced features and modern design. This review will look at how this machine performs in terms of delivering superior quality coffee and whether or not it lives up to its promise. 

    The Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI has a variety of features designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of each cup of coffee it produces. These include adjustable temperature control, pre-infusion technology, an integrated milk frother, as well as ceramic grinders that can be adjusted for grind size and consistency. This allows users to customize their coffee experience according to their taste preferences. 

    Milk Frothing

    Milk frothing is an essential part of coffee preparation, and the right equipment makes all the difference. The Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI espresso machine offers professional-level milk frothing capabilities in a compact package. This machine has intuitive controls that make it easy to use, no matter your level of experience. It’s equipped with an adjustable steam wand and auto-frother so you can achieve smooth microfoam texture for cappuccinos and lattes every time. Not only does this espresso machine produce quality drinks, but it also looks great on any countertop thanks to its sleek stainless steel design. Whether you’re a beginner barista or a seasoned coffee enthusiast, the Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI is sure to elevate your coffee making game. 

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    Features: Variety of features

    The Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI is a feature-packed coffee machine that would make an excellent addition to any kitchen. This model has all the bells and whistles you need for making coffee, espresso, cappuccino and more. With features like a one-touch control panel, adjustable settings and multiple bean settings, this is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy barista-level drinks from home.

    The ECAM37095TI comes with two separately adjustable thermo blocks that allow you to make two different kinds of coffee at the same time. You can also adjust the amount of milk foam or hot water you wish to add into your cups with its Auto Cappuccino system. The machine even has a manual hot water function for tea and other specialty beverages. 


    Ease of Use: Intuitive controls

    In the world of espresso machines, Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI is a standout for its ease of use. Its intuitive control panel allows for simple operations and even novice users can quickly learn to make their favorite coffee drinks. With an easy-to-read display and straightforward programming controls, this machine offers one-touch convenience that makes it easy to craft delicious beverages in no time. 

    This intuitive functionality creates a friendly user experience, giving users the confidence they need to get creative with their coffee concoctions. Learning how to adjust settings becomes second nature as the menu options are clearly laid out in an uncomplicated format so anyone can navigate through them easily. This makes it possible for users of any skill level to enjoy their morning cup with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction. 

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    Performance: Powerful performance

    Performance is the crux of any product worth its weight. A powerful performance is what separates a good product from a great one. The Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI does not disappoint in this regard, as it packs a serious punch when it comes to performance.

    This coffee machine features a thermoblock heating system that ensures consistent temperatures throughout the brewing process, giving you the perfect cup of coffee every time you use it. Its highly efficient 15-bar pump pressure extracts all those delicious and aromatic flavors from your coffee beans, leaving even the most discerning baristas impressed with its results. Moreover, its integrated auto-frothing and milk steaming technology gives you complete control over how your drinks turn out – whether they’re hot or cold, creamy or frothy – making sure each cup is tailored to your exact specifications. 

    Price Point: Value for money

    When it comes to coffee machines, choosing the right one for your needs can be an intimidating task. But with Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI, you get value for money as this machine offers many features that make it a great choice for any coffee lover.

    The Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI not only looks elegant but also functions quite well. It comes with a six-level adjustable grinder and an integrated milk frother which makes it easy to prepare cappuccino or latte macchiato at home. The user friendly LCD display ensures that you can easily customize the settings according to your preference and make delicious coffee each time. Additionally, this machine is equipped with two thermo blocks system which helps maintain optimal brewing temperature and allows you to switch between different beverages quickly. 

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    A great choice 

    After thoroughly testing the Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI espresso machine, it’s safe to say that this model is a great choice for coffee connoisseurs. With its compact design, superior craftsmanship and intuitive features, the Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI is a top-of-the-line appliance made with convenience in mind.

    The Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI offers excellent temperature stability, powerful steam wands and precise grinders. Its easy to use controls make it simple to adjust the shot strength, water temperature and other settings according to your tastes. And with its durable construction and high quality materials, you can rest assured that this machine will last for years of reliable performance. 

    How-To Video | Dinamica Plus

    Product information

    Features Capacity/Data
    Model Name Dinamica Plus
    Model Number ECAM37095TI
    Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm/inches) 9.3" x 17.32" x 14.17"
    Weight (Lbs) 20.8
    Pump pressure (bar) 19
    Beans container capacity (oz) 10.5
    Water container capacity (oz) 60
    Grounds container capacity (n) 14
    Energy class Better than A
    Max cup height (inches) 135
    Input power (A) 1250
    Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz) 120~60
    Color Silver
    Finishing Painted plastic
    Coffee recipes Espresso, Coffee, Long, Doppio+, Coffee Pot, Over Ice
    Milk recipes Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino+, CappuccinoMix, Hot Milk, CaffeLatte, Flat White, Espresso Macchiato
    Other recipes Hot Water
    Aroma function O
    Possibility to customise length O
    Advanced personalisation 3 user profiles
    Controls Touch display
    Display 3.5” TFT full-touch color LCD display
    Milk System LatteCrema System Technology
    Cup holder Stainless steel
    Twin Shot O
    Thermal milk jug O
    Liftable drip tray O
    Possibility to use water filter O
    Programmable water hardness O
    Possibility to use pre-ground coffee O
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