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    Review - Eletta Explore ECAM45055S

    The Eletta ECAM45055S Espresso Machine is a high-end coffee maker designed to please the most discerning of espresso connoisseurs. Its user-friendly design, intuitive interface and advanced features make it perfect for any home kitchen. With its 19-bar pressure pump, cappuccino system and two ceramic grinders, this machine is ideal for creating specialty coffee drinks with ease.

    This sophisticated espresso machine has an easy to use touchscreen display that allows users to customize their beverage selections. The built in milk carafe can be used to froth milk quickly and easily while the double boiler system ensures your espresso will always come out hot and fresh. In addition, the ECAM45055S features energy saving modes as well as low noise levels during operation making it an ideal choice for those who want quality coffee without having to sacrifice convenience or comfort. 


    Features: Heat, Pressure & Control

    The Eletta Explore Espresso Machine ECAM45055S is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want to take their coffee experience to the next level. This sleek and stylish machine offers users plenty of features that allow them to customize their coffee-making experience. From heat and pressure control to customizable settings, this machine has it all. 

    With its adjustable temperature settings, users can make sure that their espresso always comes out at just the right temperature for optimal flavor. The 15 bar pump system ensures that pressure is perfectly balanced so each cup of espresso has a smooth, robust flavor. Additionally, the pre-infusion feature allows you to slowly build up pressure before extraction begins, ensuring that all of the flavors are extracted from your grounds and into your cup. 

    Eletta Explore Espresso Machine image 05. ECAM45055S
    Eletta Explore Espresso Machine image 01. ECAM45055S

    Performance: Quality Shots & Milk Frothing

    The Eletta Explore Espresso Machine ECAM45055S is a versatile machine that can deliver a variety of quality espresso shots. This handy machine features both manual and automatic options, allowing users to customize their drinks however they like. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced barista, this machine delivers excellent performance when it comes to making coffee every time.  

    With its intuitive interface, the Eletta Explore Espresso Machine ECAM45055S makes creating your perfect cup of coffee easy. Using the 13 adjustable settings and the ability to control water pressure and temperature, users can craft their desired flavor profile for any type of drink – from Americanos to latte art beverages. The built-in milk frothing system allows you to create luxurious creamy microfoam with ease; it even has an auto-frother for those who prefer a hands-off approach. 

    Easy to Use: Intuitive LCD Display

    The De’Longhi Eletta Explore Espresso Machine ECAM45055S is a top-of-the-line espresso machine. Featuring an intuitive LCD display, this model from the Italian manufacturer is easy to use and makes a great cup of coffee. With its one-touch operation, you can make cappuccinos, espressos, latte macchiatos, and more with just the touch of a button. The clear LCD display lets you easily select from 15 preprogrammed drinks or customize your favorite recipe with four user profiles. You can even adjust the temperature or strength of your drink before making it. 

    This intuitive espresso machine also features manual milk frothing for creamy cappuccinos with customizable texture and temperature settings. 

    Eletta Explore Espresso Machine image 03. ECAM45055S
    Eletta Explore Espresso Machine image 04. ECAM45055S

    Design: Sleek & Compact

    The DeLonghi Eletta Explore Espresso Machine ECAM45055S is the perfect choice for a sleek and compact coffee maker. With its modern design and one-touch operation, it’s sure to make a statement on any countertop. The machine’s stainless steel body is complemented by black plastic accents that give it an elegant yet contemporary look. Its small size means it can fit almost anywhere, even in tight spaces. Plus, no need to worry about messy cords; the Eletta Explore has been designed with an integrated power cable storage system. 

    The intuitive control panel on the front of the machine allows you to easily select your favorite drink or customize your own concoction with just a few simple touches. 

    Price and Value

    The Eletta Explore Espresso Machine ECAM45055S is a high-end espresso machine that offers consumers an impressive combination of price and value. With its sleek stainless steel design, powerful 15-bar pressure pump, and intuitive control panel, it’s clear why the ECAM45055S has become so popular with coffee enthusiasts. Not only does it provide excellent performance at a median price point, but it also comes with several features such as adjustable temperature settings and one-touch brewing that help to make the experience of crafting your favorite beverage even more enjoyable. From novice baristas to experienced coffee connoisseurs alike, anyone who is looking for an effective yet affordable espresso machine should certainly consider this model from Eletta. 

    Eletta Explore Espresso Machine image 04. ECAM45055S


    presso Machine ECAM45055S has been a top choice amongst espresso enthusiasts for years. This machine is not only reliable, but it also offers an amazing range of features and options to make the perfect cup of espresso. As such, this review has provided a comprehensive look at this classic espresso machine and its capabilities. 

    From it’s impressive ability to craft delicious espressos with intuitive controls to its high-tech digital display, the Eletta Explore Espresso Machine ECAM45055S provides an unbeatable experience that keeps customers coming back for more year after year. Its affordability makes it more accessible than ever, meaning that anyone can enjoy the quality coffee brewing experience that comes with owning this product. 

    How-To Video | Eletta Explore

    Product information

    Features Capacity/Data
    Model Name Eletta Explore
    Model Number ECAM45055S
    Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm/inches) 10.25" x 17.5" x 15.13"
    Weight (Lbs) 24.64
    Pump pressure (bar) 15
    Beans container capacity (oz) 10.6
    Water container capacity (oz) 60
    Grounds container capacity (n) 14
    Max cup height (inches) 6.7
    Input power (A) 1250
    Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz) 120~60
    Color Silver
    Finishing Painted plastic with metal parts
    Coffee recipes Espresso, Coffee, Long, Doppio+, Coffee Pot, Over Ice, Cold Americano
    Milk recipes Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino+, CappuccinoMix, Hot Milk, CaffeLatte, Flat White, Cortado, Espresso, Macchiato, Cold Cappuccino, Cold Cappuccino Mix, Cold Latte Macchiato, Cold CaffeLatte, Cold Milk, Cold Flat White, Foamed Milk
    Other recipes Hot Water
    Aroma function O
    Possibility to customise length O
    Advanced personalisation 4 user profiles
    Milk System LatteCrema Hot Technology, LatteCrema Cool Technology
    Cup holder Stainless steel
    Twin Shot O
    Liftable drip tray O
    Possibility to use water filter O
    Programmable water hardness O
    Possibility to use pre-ground coffee O
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